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About Us

Me working on a scroll

Custom Japanese Wallscroll Design

You can feel confident in working with Custom Japanese Calligraphy (CJC) to design a scroll 掛け軸  to provide a unique gift for Home Decor, Businesses, Restaurants, Martial Art Dojos, or Bonsai/Ikebana display. Be sure to download our Scroll Design Workbook in the file link below to see pricing and options.

Studying with my Wallscroll Sensei in Japan

Our Team

CJC was founded by Jonathan Maples. He trained in Tokyo, Japan by a prominent Hyousoushi. Hyousoushi are individuals who make wallscrolls 掛け軸と巻物, folding screens 屏風, sliding paper doors 障子と襖 and other Japanese art. Yoshimi "Ryugyoku" Maples is the calligrapher, who has a shihan rank with the Shunjuu Shodokai headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. View scrolls at our blog. 

Wallscroll Presentation at Hurricane, UT Library in Washington County


Custom Japanese Calligraphy provides all of the help and service needed to create and display a scroll to each clients exact specifications and needs. Contact us at the button below.

  • Scroll Design Consultation
  • Imported Japanese Silks
  • Scrollmaking Supplies and Accents
  • English to Japanese Translation
  • Scroll Making Classes and Education
  • Japanese Display Consultation